Case Studies

Medium Scale Wind Turbine Near Colchester

wind turbine

In September 2009 planning permission was granted for a medium scale wind turbine on a farm near Colchester. The wind turbine, which has a maximum blade tip height of 49m, was installed in Spring 2010.

Green Dimension undertook the feasibility work, stakeholder consultations and the preparation of the successful planning application on behalf of the farmer.

Key stakeholders included telecommunications companies, the local Distribution Network Operator (for connection to the mains grid), NATS (radar) and Natural England. Some initial objections to the project were overcome following further analysis, negotiation and mitigation.

A survey was undertaken in order to establish whether there were any Great Crested Newts in the vicinity that could be affected by the project. Other mitigation strategies included siting the turbine away from nearby hedges to minimise effects on wildlife, adjusting its location slightly so as to avoid telecommunications links and installation of an aviation obstruction light.

The farmer discussed the proposed wind turbine installation with his neighbours and local groups and put up leaflets in the nearby village to explain the scale and intentions of the project. The feedback received included comments in support and some questions which we then answered. No feedback against the project was received during this consultation process - and the famer has received none since the turbine was installed.

wind turbine

Studies prepared in support of the planning application included a wildlife study, visual impact study, noise impact study and air traffic study.

After planning was granted Green Dimension supplied the wind turbine and coordinated the installation.

Our installation partners, Mansell Construction undertook a geotechnical site investigation and designed the concrete foundations which are approximately 7m square and 2m deep and include earthing for lightning protection.

Existing farm tracks and a small area of temporary road were used to provide access to the site for the installation vehicles. The turbine was erected around 2 weeks after laying the concrete foundation. This took 3 days and was done using a 100 tonne crane reaching to heights of over 50m.

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