Are you a landowner?
If so, you may be able to earn an attractive annual income for the next 20+ years by leasing us land on which to install a single, medium-scale wind turbine.

How our Partner Landowner scheme works:

  • As the Partner Landowner you will receive an attractive annual lease payment from us in exchange for allowing us to install and operate a wind turbine on your land.
  • Green Dimension will fund and manage the entire project from development (including gaining planning permission) through to supply, installation and operation of the turbine.

Key benefits of becoming a Partner Landowner:

  • Attractive financial returns for landowners
  • We take on the risks and costs of project development and operation
  • We aim to have the wind turbine installed within 12 to 18 months
  • A single medium-scale wind turbine means minimal disruption
  • Experienced and professional team fully committed to developing a wind turbine project on your land
  • Quality wind turbines from the leading manufacturers
  • Clear and concise legal agreements
  • Partnership approach

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